Josie embroidered remembrance


Special remembrances for someone’s pet are sometimes requested by our clients; and, many times these jobs are very satisfying. Such is the case of the embroidered portrait of Josie who was a wonderful and likable Jack Russell Terrier that lived almost 20 years and was very near and dear to her owner’s heart.

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We were given a copy of a photo of Josie when she was a rambunctious adolescent. She loved to play catch and run in the grass in the backyard of our client’s mother. To make the 8-inch by 10-inch embroidered portrait we used a JPEG file derived from a scan of the photo. Then the JPEG file was then used as the “backdrop” in the software we use when we digitize. After analyzing the picture and deciding on an approach we starting the digitizing process.

When the first draft of the digitizing was complete, stitching was simulated and the simulated stitch-out was analyzed to see what improvements could be made. With this understanding, the digitizing was reworked and re-simulated. Any machine embroiderer will tell you that the real proof that a design will work in machine embroidery is “do a real stitch-out on the same type of material that will be used in the final product.”

At first, the entire design was to rendered completely through stitches, but if that option would have been cost prohibitive for the client. We finally determined, that it a good alternative was to have some of the background (the grass portion) be an applique and the body was to be in stitches.
There were a couple of preliminary stitch-outs of the appliqued design prior to the final stitch-out. These preliminary stitch-outs were used to fine-tune the thread colors and the stitch types that were being used.
After the backing was removed and the piece thoroughly steamed and pressed, it was framed.

The final piece now resides in the client’s home where it is displayed with other Josie memorabilia.