Machine Embroidery Techniques

Embossing Technique for Machine Embroidery

Women's Golf 2016

In early July, CordeValle, near Gilroy, was the site of the 2016 U.S. Women's Open; this inspired me to me use the machine embroidery embossing technique on a white towel.

Recently, I have had several projects that required embossing technique to help make the end product more distinctive. Digitizing these designs provided me the opportunity to explore and use new tools in my digitizing software, Floriani’s Total Control U (FTCU). The FTCU tools that I have explored are how to use the trim, weld, combine, and shape tools to help develop the basic art that is then turned into the embroidery stitches by the software. Along with these tools, I’ve used true type fonts to provide the “lettering” used in the designs.

The projects that led me to explore this technique and the tools involve monogramming of towels and heavy spa robes. As I've learned more about the technique I will be exploring the application of the technique on blankets.

I think machine embroidery embossing mimics the Trapunto embroidery often used in quilting. To date I have not worked with batting which is used for traditional Trapunto since I materials I am using are heavy enough to have “puffiness” in the negative spaces without it. However, with batting T-shirts could be embossed and really show off the negative spaces with the puffiness provided by the batting. Using T-shirts would be a great alternative to sweat shirts during the hotter months.

Resources for Machine Embroidery Trapunto

Here are a couple of sites I found when I quickly scanned the internet for Trapunto and machine embroidery; you’ll probably find many more resources when you dig into the topic.

Embossing, Applique, & Monogramming

For this project, the top of a memory box, I used a form of embossing (stippling) to attach the organza that provides a background for the monogram. The flowers around the organza hold the applique edges in place.

Embroidery Library

  • There are tutorials that are available as well as printable instructions
  • there are over a 100 designs and projects for type machine embroidery technique.

Advanced Embroidery Designs

  • There are some good tips in the guide on Trapunto machine embroidery
  • There designs and other project ideas are available on this site.

Learn more about FTCU, digitizing, and machine embroidery

  • Online: If you’re interested in learning more about FTCU, there are YouTube videos and the Floriani Club site which has training materials to help with software training and projects.
  • In person: If you’re in the vicinity of Gilroy, CA on the 4th Thursday of the month, I facilitate FTCU learning sessions in the afternoon at the Nimble Thimble. This month, on July 28th, we’ll be delving into the embossing technique, and creating designs using artwork in FTCU as well as using true type fonts and the regular FTCU fonts.