Learning to Use Floriani’s Total Control U Software

Monthly Facilitated Learning Sessions

As many of you are aware, I facilitate a FTC-U learning sessions/workshops each month.

Normally, we all meet at the Nimble Thimble here in Gilroy on the 4th Thursday of the month; however, this particular 4th Thursday occurs during Linda's super busy time with the June Shop Hop for quilters.

Therefore, this month the FTC-U learning session/workshop will be held at Garlic City Embroidery Studio from 1pm to 4pm.

NOTE: FTC-U software is distributed through RNK Distributing and its network of Floriani dealers; the Nimble Thimble is a Floriani Dealer

May 2016 FTC-U Learning Topic Revisited

Last month we discussed embossing of napped fabric (towels, terry, plus other napped fabrics) and I demonstrated the techniques I use to create a design. We used True Type Fonts (TTFs) and simple line art. Last month on of our members brought a project idea to the group that we used as the foundation of the design we developed. We produced both a native FTC-U outline/artwork file (.WAF file) and a stitch file that would be loaded into the actual embroidery machine. She volunteered to test the design and will let us know what her experiences were.

June 2016 FTC-U Learning Topics

For those who were unable come last month, don’t worry; we’re addressing the technique again this month. We will re-look at the embossing techniques and hear back from our “Volunteer Stitcher” about her experiences stitching out the design we developed last month. We’ll go over challenges she encountered as well as what she’ll continue to do and what she will do differently in the future.

I would appreciate it if you would bring your ideas for a project this month so we can develop another design and produce the stitch file that can be tested during the upcoming month.

Topics Upcoming in 2016 FTC-U Learning

I’ve been playing around with developing designs that are what I call “faux FSL.” I’m using some of the standard stitches available in FTC-U and using the embossing technique as the jumping off point. We’ll also talk about other types of projects that can use the technique as starting point.

Future FTC-U Learning Topics

It’s up to the FTC-U Learning Session/Workshop attendees to let me know:

  1. What types of machine embroidery applications you’d like to discuss
  2. Where you’d like to focus your machine embroidery technique improvement efforts
  3. Those areas you’d like to learn more in-depth as you further your knowledge of FTC-U Software and its application

Closing Thoughts

Please let me know if you can attend or not, so I can make sure we have enough seating and table space for you and your computers. You can find my phone and other contact info on the contact section of our website.

Some things to remember for June 2016 session:

  • We meet at Garlic City Embroidery Studio on Thursday, June 23rd, from 1pm to 4pm PDT.
  • Bring a working PC with the latest build FTC-U (build 3020) loaded and ready to use. Make sure you have a mouse & mouse pad as well as a power cord.
  • Bring a USB thumb drive so you can take home the FTC-U .WAF file we develop and a copy of a stitch file for your embroidery machine.
  • Bring pen and paper for taking notes

Looking forward to another good session with you all! Carol